Van der Vlies Advies is your partner in taking a new approach to developments in your organisation and trends in the non-profit sector and in identifying unexpected possibilities and opportunities for your organisation.
Laws and regulations, administration and accountability, the need to professionalise, growth and enlargement, are all adding pressure on the non-profit sector. Because of free market policies and increasing competition there is a growing need for a clearer profile and stronger image for your organisation. A different approach and new methods of communication are necessary to attract new clients and supporters.
These developments are commonly seen as annoying or even as threats, but they can also inspire us to search for new approaches, creative solutions and different ways of communication. In that way these developments can also lead to new and unexpected possibilities.

It is, however, not always easy to escape the order of the day, and to take time, energy and the necessary distance to reflect on one’s organisation, the chances and opportunities. A fresh new look and feedback from outside is often very helpful.
Van der Vlies Advies provides all-round organisation advice. It is your sparring partner in developing new strategies and policies. It supports and supervises processes of change and transformation, professionalisation or growth of your organisation or company. Van der Vlies Advies gives advice with regards to the imago and profile of your organisation or company and with regards to building up your rank and file and in keeping it committed.

The logo of Van der Vlies Advies is based on the Koru symbol of the native people of New Zealand: The Maori. The Koru is the coiled frond shoot of a fern which unfolds into the frond. The Maori gave a more profound meaning to the spiral Koru symbol. Koru represents, new life, a fresh start, encouragement of new initiatives, growth, development, strength and the drive for perfection and peace.

It is this more profound meaning of Koru that perfectly matches Van der Vlies Advies. Van der Vlies Advies encourages and supports organisations in their search for, and the initiation and realisation of, new initiatives, development and growth.